Cautions and Recommendations

Read the following Cautions and Recommendations carefully and thoroughly, as violation of and/or deviations from these Cautions and Recommendations may limit or void the Altyno Product Warranty.

<Environment and Maintenance>

  • Interior Use Only: All Altyno items listed in this sample binder are for interior use only.
  • UV Exposure: Avoid UV exposure. For example, solar control window films may be necessary to prevent UV exposure through windows.
  • Water Exposure: Avoid continuous water exposure.
  • Chemical Exposure: Avoid chemicals and cleaning substances that cause appreciable appearance change and/or unacceptable characteristic change. Refer to Altyno Sample Test Reference Data Section. It is recommended to conduct a small sample test for a specific cleaning substance under consideration.
  • Extreme Temperatures (Post Installation): Avoid extreme temperatures, continuously lower than -10℃ (14 ℉) and/or continuously higher than/equal to 50℃ (122 ℉).
  • Cleaning (Surface Maintenance): Keep installed Altyno surface clean and dry. Use commercially available neutral detergent to clean Altyno surface. (Avoid using alkaline detergent, acid detergent, and/or organic solvent such as paint thinner.) Use soft cloth and/or soft sponge, etc., to clean/wipe Altyno surface. Do not use sponge containing abrasion agents. Completely remove/wipe off detergent residue from Altyno surface after cleaning.


Substrate Type: Substrates must be smooth, solid, and non-porous, such as high-pressure laminates and metals. It is recommended to utilize AICA-KIUSA Certified Installers to evaluate the substrates. Direct installation on drywall is not recommended. However, it is possible to utilize other substrates over the drywall, such as Sintra and melamine board, instead of installing Altyno directly on drywall.
Substrate Shape: Avoid three-dimensional installation that requires heat stretching. Avoid folding Altyno. Use caution when wrapping Altyno around very sharp edges.
Substrate Preparation: Substrate preparation, including but not limited to surface cleaning, before installing Altyno is a critical process for successful Altyno installation. It is recommended that substrate is prepared by AICA- KIUSA Certified Installers or under supervision of an AICA- KIUSA Certified Installer.
Color Variation: It is possible for different printing lots to have slight color variation or emboss variation; therefore, if a purchase order requires the same printing lot, it must be specified at the time the purchase order is placed.
Pattern Direction: Altyno has a specific pattern print direction; therefore, utilize the “Altyno” logo printed on the release paper to install pattern directions uniformly
Pattern Repeat: Altyno has horizontal and vertical print pattern repeats. However, all printed patterns represent natural aesthetics, such as wood grains; therefore, it is not industry standard to match pattern repeat.
Scratch Resistance: Scratch resistance varies among patterns and embosses; therefore, use caution to select the pattern suitable for the application. It is recommended to utilize KIUSA Authorized Dealers and/or AICA-KIUSA Certified Installers for advices on specific applications. If Altyno’s scratch resistance is not sufficient, consider Melatack Plus for applications that require higher scratch resistance, for example horizontal surfaces such as counter tops, table tops, and desk tops. (Note: Melatack Plus’s minimum order is 200 of 4’x8’sheets on a pallet shipped from Japan.)
Question: For any questions or concerns regarding the use of or applications of Altyno, contact the US Importer and Distributor, Koike Imatecs USA, Inc..

<Receiving Inspection and Storage>

Material Receiving Inspection: Perform material receiving inspection and have delivery personnel officially record any visible shipping damage to maintain right to file shipping damage claim against a shipping carrier. Conduct Altyno product inspection, and notify the seller from which Altyno was directly purchased if there is any product damage.
Pre-Installation Storage: Altyno must be stored in a climate controlled facility to maintain shelf life. Storage conditions are temperatures between 0℃ (32 ℉) and 38℃ (100 ℉), and relative humidity less than 70%. Store Altyno rolled with release paper inside on a core in a plastic bag, suspended between two end caps in an Altyno shipping box. Altyno boxes must be stored in a horizontal position, and if stacked must be stacked in a way that the box ends (meaning the end caps) are aligned and bear weight. The maximum number of Altyno boxes that can be stacked is 4 boxes high. Avoid direct sunlight on the box during storage.
In order for Altyno Product Warranty to be effective, Altyno must be installed within 3 months from the receiving date.

<On-Site Evaluation and Installation>

It is recommended to conduct on-site evaluation by KIUSA Authorized Altyno Installing Dealers to confirm proper application and installation requirements. Also, it is strongly recommended to only use AICA-KIUSA Certified Installers for installation.